60 Miles per hour wind on my first hill day for a month!

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After a early Physio appointment, I headed up to the Beacons with Jack (dog) for a trip up Pen Y Fan.Other than a little walk last week in the Black Mountains this was my first real hill day since the accented.

Weather was less than ideal with hill fog, driving rain and 60 mile per hour winds on the summit, but it was great to be out and feeling good.The new Sherpa jacket performed well with no leaks and great wind resistance all day, also I really like the hood as it can be adjusted to get a nice snug fit.

We did not stop for our usual summit snack, just a quick photo and then back down to a warm van and a cup of coffee. Passed some really bedraggled kids on the way down, don’t think my folks would have took me walking in the park in that weather let alone up a mountain.

The Cast is off!! and new Sherpa gear.

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It was four weeks on Thursday since my little tumble and things are looking good.After a really unpleasant trip to the fracture clinic for the cast to be removed this was more painful than the fall!) I have been in physio therapy three times, with movement getting better each day, from Monday only having 30 degrees from a strait arm and 95 degrees of bend its gone to a amazing 20-65 with strength better and better.

As you can see from the pic the scaring is going to be interesting, but I am just really happy to be hear and on the mend. During my four weeks of drugs, climbing films and eating I have been sorting out my kit and taking stock, the accented turned out more expensive than originally thought.Two leki poles, my bag, water profs and base layer are all missing or damaged beyond repair.

So some retail therapy ensued thanks mainly to a great pro deal with Sherpa brand clothing www.sherpaadventuregear.co.uk (all MTA members can get this) A new Lithang Jacket hard shell and a Kriti Tech soft shell jacket is now with me and so far really impressed.I will let you now how I get on with them after some hill time.

My ML asesment course is booked for the 10th November www.expeditionguide.com but no luck finding someone to take my place.I am just seeing what happens and not making plans yet.Should get some hill time this weekend, so a blog entry to come.

The Mountain Yak Quiz

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Do you know your cramp on from your yak track, Crowberry from Bilberry or even llyn Ogwen from Loch Eil?
Try the first ever Mountain Yak quiz and win a 550 Paracord bracelet courtesy of ParaStrap www.facebook.com/parastrapuk
Simple identify the pictures bellow and send your answers to jwithers@mountain-yak.com with your name and address, all correct answers will be put in a  draw and a winner chosen at random.
What is the full name of this common plant?
Name this north Wales lake?
What essential hill walking kit is this ?
Name this Alpine flour?
Which famous South Wales summit is this?
What well known outdoor brand is this logo from?

Little walk in the Gower (Wales)

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Getting a bit fedup of the house so I managed to get out and have a nice stroll on the only hills in Gower today.A huge 157metres, but it feels good to be in the fresh air and hopefully not to long before the cast can come of.

My 40 feet fall from sharp edge

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Last Wednesday we heeded up to the lake district for what was a planed two day trip in the fells.
On Thursday we decided to head up on to Blencathra via the classic grade one scramble route “sharp edge”, the day started great a bit foggy and some drizzle but by no means terrible.

After hiking up in to the hills for around a hour we got to the start of the scramble, around half way it got to a narrow section with a small ledge. As I steeped out my foot slipped on the polished rock, I remember falling the first 20 foot facing into the rock trying to grab anything before spinning round and just seeing fresh air, at this point the only thought i remember is “i’m going to die now”. Luckily I stopped another 20 foot on before hitting a point were it dropped vertical to the valley bottom.
When I came to a stop and got my breath back I immediately new my left arm was  badly broken, I always keep a first aid kit in the top of my bag and could pull it out with the good arm and self medicate along with bandage my arm (Phil not able to safely get to me).

After around an hour Keswick Mountain rescue arrived and manged to strap my arm up along with giving more pain relief, as the cloud base was low, the RAF Seaking helicopter that had been sent could not get closer than around 2 kilometers away. With no chance of being winched out and getting me onto a stretcher would have proved a very long and dangerous process, the options were small.
Luckily my legs and one hand only had miner injures and I manged to stand with the help of the team, they helped me into a harness and we abseiled down onto flatter ground before walking out to meet the Seaking .I can honestly say this was the most painful 2 kilometers I have walked in my life.

It took around 3 hours in all to rescue me, and a over night stay in hospital with two hour operation on my arm to put me back together.
A huge thanks to Phill Sewell, Keswick Mountain Rescue and the Carlisle orthopedic unit for everything they did.

The last week has been a painful one with bruising on my back and coxis making even siting pain full, but I am at home and on the mend and grateful to be hear writing about it.

Hello world!

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